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7 Seat Maze New York Furniture

Maze New York garden furniture collection includes a vast range of garden furniture styles, including outdoor corner sofas, 4, 6, and 8 seater metal dining table sets, and every casual sofa dining set configuration you could dream of. Available this season in our new Dove Grey cushion set with modern grey aluminium framing. 

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New York

Maze New York Furniture

The Maze New York range is the epitome of sophistication, taking inspiration from the serene and breezy atmosphere of The Hamptons in New York. With a focus on quality and simplicity, this outdoor furniture collection creates a warm and inviting space perfect for hosting gatherings and entertaining guests.

The range features a sleek and timeless design with a choice of white and grey colours, reminiscent of the charming weatherboard facades found in the beach homes of Long Island. The durable aluminium frames are crafted to withstand the harshest weather conditions, while the sumptuous cushions offer unparalleled comfort.

With an impressive range of seating options to choose from, the New York collection is as extensive as the expansive white sandy beaches of Long Island. You can choose from six sofa sets, eight casual dining sets, seven dining sets, a bistro and balcony set, rising tables and gas fire pits, providing something for every type of outdoor space. Whether you're looking for a cosy nook for two or a spacious setting for a large gathering, the Maze New York range has got you covered.